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Everything you need to view an aurora


The app gives you current weather conditions for almost anywhere on earth, powered by The mobile app also features a 9 day forecast at 3 hour intervals, so you can plan your next trip easily


Aurora hunting information comes from NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Centre and is updated as frequently as every minute. Each update is then stored in's archives, which spans over 15 years, so you can see data for that massive solar event that happened in 2003

Images and Charts gives you convenient access to an ever increasing number of sky cams, charts and graphs, and satellite images from around the world. Check out the current conditions from Yellowknife, Canada, or how the skies are looking in Cressy, Tasmania.

Need aurora data in your app?

Whether you're paid to program, do it during your lunch breaks or just do it for fun, you can integrate the data into your own application using our API. Check out the sample on the right to see how easy it is to get data using AngularJS!

When you're ready to get started, head over to our developers site and read the documentation

In your controller:

// Pass the API a timezone offset, and all dates are adjusted accordingly!
  .then(function(results) {
      $scope.rain =              // Rain, in mm
      $ =                      // Current Kp
      $scope.moonrise =      // Moonrise

In your view:

<p>There is currently {{ rain }}mm of rain and the Kp is at {{ kp }}</p>
<p>Moonrise is at {{ moonrise | date: 'mediumTime'}} (times shown are +10:00)</p>

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